Soup…It’s Not Just For Winter Anymore

Savvy consumers are finding out soup is not just beneficial and delicious in the winter time.

Soup as a meal provides a number of benefits:


Soup can be a great source of veggies, protein, fiber, fruits and other healthy foods, since you can always add your own choices of healthy ingredients.

Nutritional Value

Many soups contain beans, tomatoes and the option to add lean meats, which provides plenty of fiber (beans), antioxidants (tomatoes) and lean protein (lean meats), as well as vitamins A, C, D and Calcium.


Almost any vegetable can complement soup. Add fresh or frozen veggies for flavor and to increase your servings of daily veggies.


Most soups are typically low in fat content, and you can opt for low-fat broths and lean meats to keep the fat content low. To further lower the amount of fat in your favorite soup, you can chill it after cooking and then skim the fat from the surface before reheating.

Weight Loss

Because of the large water content in most soups, it takes less of it (and therefore, less calories) to fill you up. Eating a high-volume, low-calorie food like soup can aid your weight loss efforts.

Soup provides a inexpensive, hot and filling meal with an abundance of nutritional value…and the possibilities for creating variations of your favorite soups is endless!

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