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Mixed Nuts-Raw Fancy


In This Mix:
>Brazil Nuts

A lovely mix of large fresh nuts. These are not roasted and yet quite delicious. Refrigerate or freeze to store.

Party Mix, Regular, 1lb


In this Mix:
>Sesame Stix
>R/S Almonds
>R/S Peanuts
>R/S Soyettes


This is a mix that we put together for a beer tasting.  It is a tasty snack,  with anything you want to drink.

Peanuts-Splits, Dry Roasted, No Salt, 1lb


No salt added to these small split peanuts that are dry roasted. We call these, “peanut butter stock.” This is what we use to grind our fresh peanut butter for you. REFRIGERATE OR FREEZE TO STORE.