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Almonds-Whole, Raw


High in protein (24%) good source of B vitamins, niacin, calcium, with approximately ten calories in each almond. EAT ALMONDS AND STAY HEALTHY!! California grown, nonpareil supreme variety (considered the best eating almond) large size, fresh. Refrigerate or freeze to store.

Almonds, Cinnamon


Crunchy cinnamon candy coated almonds are delightful and delicious. Get more cinnamon in your diet, and enjoy a really flavorful candy. One of the best values in our line of candies.

Almonds, Chocolate Toffee


Delicious roasted Almonds coated with toffee and chocolate.  This is a mouth full of flavor.  All the best that toffee has to offer with a roasted almond in the center.  Very popular with the NUT folks.

Almonds-Whole, Blanched Raw, 1lb


These are nonpareil supreme almonds, which are considered the finest, most delicious almonds. Blanched means that the brown skins are removed with hot water. They are natural, not roasted, so are ready for your recipe. They are normally packaged in one pound cello bags to make it easy for you to store them in the refrigerator or freezer.

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Almonds-Diced, Dry Roasted, 1lb


These are natural dry roasted and diced almonds, often used as topping for ice cream or cereal. Can also to make almond butter. REFRIGERATE OR FREEZE TO STORE.

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Almonds-Slivered, Blanched


Blanched slivered almonds are natural, not roasted, and skins are removed. Great for oven toasting and using on salads or string beans, on cereal or just to munch. These can be toasted in oil in a fry pan (stir constantly) and then they can be salted or flavored with garlic or green onion, etc. Refrigerate or freeze to store.