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Pretzels, Dark Chocolate, 12oz


This is our best chocolate coated pretzel we have ever had to offer to you. These crunchy pretzels are coated with dark chocolate. Rich and delicious chocolate served in this manner is a pleasant surprise for all who try it.

Raisins, Dark Chocolate, 1lb


Really sweet sun dried raisins from California are coated with the fantastic dark chocolate from Guittard Choc. of California. This award winning, rich dark chocolate is perfect with the already very sweet raisins. It is the very best of the candies from Sierra Nut House. Chocolate raisins are one of the top five best sellers of the Nut House.

Raisins, Jumbo Dark Chocolate

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Special, huge seedless raisins are coated with Guittard fine award winning chocolate. It is rich full flavored but not bitter. This jumbo sized raisin grown in Fresno County the perfect carrier for high end chocolate from the Guittard Choc. Co. of California. This is a perfect marriage ….rich and dark chocolate with the very sweet jumbo raisins. This is one of the top two selling candies made by Sierra Nut House.