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Nut Sampler

  • Pistachios, Roasted & Salted, 8oz
  • Cashews, Roasted & Salted, 8oz
  • Pecan Halves, 8oz
  • Almonds, Roasted & Salted, 8oz

Office Party


• Cashews, Roasted and Salted

• Pistachios, CA, Roasted and Salted

• Raisins, Jumbo, Chocolate coated

• Almonds, Chocolate coated

Party Mix, Regular, 1lb


In this Mix:
>Sesame Stix
>R/S Almonds
>R/S Peanuts
>R/S Soyettes


This is a mix that we put together for a beer tasting.  It is a tasty snack,  with anything you want to drink.

Peaches, 1lb


California Peaches packaged in 1lb plastic containers. REFRIGERATE OR FREEZE to store.