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Cocoa, Unsweetened Full Jersey, 8oz


The finest chocolate begins with cocoa beans that are sourced from around the world for their quality and their sustainability. We select single origins for their exclusive flavors and attributes and customize blends and formulas to deliver a premium chocolate experience.

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Packaged in a heavy, round willow  basket, the Connoisseur holds a delicious array of our finest products.

• Holland Mints

• Cashews, Roasted/Salted

• Raisins, Jumbo, Chocolate coated

• Pistachios, CA, Roasted/Salted

• Chocolate Jordan Almonds

• Apricots, Extra Fancy, CA

• Almonds, Blanched, Roasted/Salted

• Pecan Halves

• Almonds, Chocolate coated

• Mixed Fruit, extra fancy

• Chocolate Cherries

Corn For Popping, 2lb


Popcorn, like all six types of corn, is a cereal grain and originates from a wild grass. … desirable traits such as stalk strength, grain color and successful popping.