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Pecan Turtles, Dark Chocolate, 8oz


Sweet pecans smothered in caramel and dark, rich chocolate!  California grown pecans that are so delicious with the caramel and the chocolate make a perfect gift.



Fresh and delicious. High in vitamin B1, niacin (B3), protein (23%). Refrigerate or freeze to store.

Pine Nuts (Pignoles), 8oz


Delicious! Roasted in the oven. Used in many old world recipes. I roast them in a small non-stick skillet in butter and stir all the time they are toasting. When golden brown pour onto a paper towel and add a sprinkle of salt. Yummie. Refrigerate or freeze to store.

Pioneer Mix, 1lb


In This Mix:
>English Walnuts

Award winning all natural mix of all natural, healthy snack, great for lunch boxes.

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Pistachios-Chili Lemon, 1lb


Crunchy pistachios with a punch of Chili Lemon flavor.The best quality, largest size, California grown. Flavored to add spice to your life.