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Raisins, Jumbo Milk Chocolate


Special, huge seedless raisins are coated with Guittard fine award winning chocolate. It is rich full flavored but not bitter. This jumbo sized raisin grown in Fresno County the perfect carrier for high end chocolate from the Guittard Choc. Co. of California. This is a perfect marriage ….rich and dark chocolate with the very sweet jumbo raisins. This is one of the top two selling candies made by Sierra Nut House.

Raisins, Milk Chocolate, 1lb


Thompson seedless raisin from the sunny San Joaquin valley of California are coated with Old Dutch Milk Chocolate from Guittard Chocolate Company.

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Salad Toppings, 1lb


In this Mix:
>Sunflower Seeds
>Soya Nuts
>Pumpkin Seeds
>Cashew Pieces
>Sliced Almonds

Snack Master


Perfect for the “snack master” in your life!

Chocolate Double Dipped Peanuts
Corn Nuts, R/S
Butter Toffee Peanuts
Caramel Corn w almonds, 8oz
Christmas Pretzels
Chocolate Raisins

Snack Mix, 1lb


In this Mix:
>Sunflower Seeds
>Pumpkin Seeds
>English Walnuts
>Coconut Ribbon