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Almond Bark, White Chocolate, 8oz


Crunchy, fresh roasted almonds, coated with Guittard choclate companies finest creamy white chocolate. Made here in Sierra Nut House kitchens in small batches. This is one of our customers favorite candies.

Biscotti, Almond Anise, 8oz


This line of Biscotti is made by my sister, Diane Rosetti and her son, Matt Rosetti. The recipe is an old family recipe from my mother, Janet Sorrenti. Almond with Anise is the real old fashioned biscotti made to eat with red wine. They are also great coffee dunkers. These cookies are full of ground almonds (we were almond farmers). They are crunchy, fresh, and delicious.

Biscotti, Cocoa Almond, 8oz


Cocoa with almonds, a perfect match. All of the Rosetti line is made with the highest quality butter and fresh eggs. This cookie has fantastic Guittard chocolate in it.

Biscotti, Triple Almond, 8oz


This biscotti contains almond paste, ground almonds, and diced roasted almonds. An almond lovers dream cookie. Made fresh and crunchy in small batches to insure freshness.

Bran, Wheat, Organic, 1.75lb


Oraganic Wheat Bran is a unprocessed bran is an excellent source of fiber, and provides a healthy full-bodied texture when added to baked goods or sprinkled over soups, cereals or salads. Adding wheat bran to your diet, with its significant amount of dietary fiber, will help your body to feel satisfied and comfortably full for a longer period of time.

Brazil Nuts


Another naturally healthy nut. Brazil nuts are high in protein, calcium, iron and zinc and a good source of selenium. 1 lb. Refrigerate or freeze to store.